Unique Gift Ideas for Football Fans


Football season is only a couple short months on, and midway through the season is probably a great time to think about gifts for the football fan in your life. When it’s football season, it’s not just a game. Heck, it’s not even a pastime or a hobby – It’s a full-on lifestyle! The biggest football fans watch it, live it, breathe it, and die by it. Make sure you nail the perfect gift for the football fan in your life. All of these items are unique and unique enough to please even the biggest fanatic in your life.

Agloves Ends Frozen Digits & Keeps You in the Game

Agloves makes it easy to use your phone even in the coldest weather. Their cutting edge gloves offer full hand sensitivity, while keeping your fingers warm and agile. The secret is Agloves’ use of patented conductive silver fibers in a tight acrylic weave. The acrylic fibers keep your fingers warm, while the silver fibers transmit your touch to your smartphone touchscreen. Best of all the tight weave keeps typos to a minimum. Their sleek design means you can keep your hands free whether you’re on the field yourself or tailgating. Every football fan is sure to love these gloves. Whether they’re checking scores, updating their fantasy team, or talking trash with their buddies, there is nothing the elements can throw at these. These gloves also work great for head coaches, referees, and sideline staff that often find themselves exposed to the elements.

Cool, Cooler, Coolest

You just know we had to go one better, and this gift is the superlative of cool. It’s not just cooler, it’s the Coolest. Based on a 55-quart cooler, the Coolest adds everything you could possibly need for tailgate party – there’s even a blender and sound system!

Fathead Rec Room Wall Decorations

In the den, rec room, basement, or wherever the game is being watched, nothing says football fan like wall art. Available for all NFL and AFL teams, Fathead wall stickers include life-size players, logos, helmets, calendars, and other artwork.

Custom Collegiate Laces

Whether you’re off to the game, setting up a last-minute pickup game, or heading to the gym, you’ve probably got shoes on. SnapLaces offer comfortable tensioned lacing and easy one-hand use. Check out SnapLaces’ Collegiate Collection for your football fan’s favorite team colors!

Fanatics NFL Scarves for Cold Mid-Season Games

It’s already winter, so it’s no surprise that hats, gloves, and scarves are a vital need. You could wear tartan, plaid, or argyle, but no football fan should be without Fanatics NFL Scarves in their favorite team colors. Fanatics doesn’t only pack scarves representing every team on the field, but also matching gloves, beanies, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, and other winter gear.

Hydro Flask Growler Keeps Beer Fresh

You could go Red Solo Cup for your next beer at the next tailgate party, but why fight flies, cracking, and stale beer? Of course, you could go with bottles and cans, but what if you need something a little less obvious and a little more protective? The Hydro Flask Growler has been specially designed to keep your beer cold and carbonated, as if you just poured it from the keg or bottle at home, and it’s practically indestructible.

EA Sports Video Games for Off-Field Fun

When there isn’t a game on the field, perhaps a virtual game is in order, and EA Sports video games are some of the world’s best and most-recognized. EA Sports’ Madden 17 is already available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, ready to put your football fan in control of the game.

FanChest Curated Gift Boxes

If you have no idea what to get your favorite football fan, don’t just give up! Instead, pick your football fan’s favorite team and send him a FanChest. Inside the FanChest, fans have picked out some great gifts, including officially-licensed sports gear, jerseys, hats, merchandise, even memorabilia. Every box is a guaranteed win, and your football fan will love it!

Make Your Next Gift a Touchdown

There are probably hundreds or thousands of great gifts for the football fan in your life, and there’s simply not enough room to list them all. Have you given or received a football fan gift that was a particular hit? Let us know!