Touch Screen Gloves by Agloves Solve Winter Gloves Smartphone Problem


For years touch screen technology has evolved faster than our gloves. In a former life, most cell phone touch screens used resistive touch screens registering by pressure the location of a tap or swipe with the stylus or finger. Pressure sensitive screens meant that you could use nearly anything to interact with your phone - a stylus, pencil, fingernail, or cold glove tip.

The latest generations of cell phones, however, like the iPhone, Droid, EVO, Touch and many other touch screen devices now use a different kind of touch screen. Capacitive or capacitance touch screens use the body's natural bioelectricity to sense your intentions and deliver the information you seek. Delicate electrical impulses delivered directly through your skin now send pinpoint signals to the touch screen.

The implementation of this technology on cell phones has revolutionized the way we interact with our phones. However, it didn’t take long to discover a bit of a problem. While the functionality of capacitive touch screens is great, it became clear that during cold winter days the phone’s screen was not responsive if you were wearing conventional gloves.

A problem solved well. Agloves provide the current carrying capacity to transfer your electric touch into the touch screen. Agloves touch screen gloves are woven with just the right amount of real silver covered nylon and Spandex for a completely conductive experience. Keeping you nimble and transferring the bioelectricity from your entire hand into your fingertips, the Aglove allows you to fully interact with your smartphone or other touch screens.

Although other glove manufacturers have attempted to solve the same problem by retrofitting standard gloves with metal nubs, dots, and removable fingertips, none has accomplished the complete functionality that accompanies every pair of Agloves.  Agloves touch screen gloves provide all 10-finger conductivity, allowing you to type on your iPad or text on your iPhone.  Problem solved.

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