Skyrocketing Touch Screen Sales Mean Big Business for Touch Screen Glove Maker


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- January 04, 2011

Skyrocketing Touch Screen Sales Mean Big Business for Touch Screen Glove Maker

Boulder, Colo. – Agloves, a start-up touch screen glove maker, has seen tremendous sales in its first 90 days due to the skyrocketing smartphone and touch screen device sales. This trend is fueling the demand for touch screen ready gloves at rates that continually boggle market analysts.

Indeed, in the wake of the holiday season, early sales numbers suggest a likely record-breaking surge in smart phone sales that reflect society’s increased mobile connectivity with internet-ready gadgets.

Though Apple has yet to release exact figures for 2010 iPhone sales, it look as though December 2010 could be the biggest sales quarter for Apple and smartphone producers to date.

Some analysts, including the credited Appleinsider, believe the December quarter iPhone sales will trump the previously record holding October 2010 quarter.  Sales are expected to rise to 16 million units sold, up from 14.1 million the previous quarter.

App Download Numbers Support Strong Gadget Sales

Already, a rush of smart phone app downloads in late December suggest the boom of brand new gadgets. Sites like Facebook received 1.6 million new downloads in the three days surrounding Christmas likely from people who received tech-gadgets for Christmas and spent the holiday morning downloading their favorite apps.

Kids are downloading games, Facebook and music apps in their pajamas amidst a pile of crumpled giftwrap.

The tablet is also establishing a major market segment territory.  The original iPad finished 2010 with 12 million units sold.

Several industry analysts project that smartphone use will continue to rise with ubiquitous rates.  Especially as smartphones like HTC and other Android phones (EVO 4G, Droid Incredible) gaining in popularity.

Morgan Stanley Research conjectures smartphone sales will exceed PC sales in 2010. ( )

Gartner expects smartphone sales to exceed 500 million units in 2012. ( )

The Coda Research Consultancy predict 2.5 billion smartphone sales between 2010 and 2015.   ( )

Continued Explosion of Touch Screen Gadgets Signals Expanding Market for Agloves

With the massive sales figures both seen in 2010 and projected for 2011 and beyond, virtually everyone in the northern hemisphere will either own or know someone who owns a smartphone or some other touch screen device. Those using the devices in cold climates either already know or will soon discover that touch screen capable gloves are a necessary accessory.

In its first 90 days of business, Agloves' sales increased from one pair of gloves sold each day, to a pair of gloves sold every two minutes -- at the company's peak.

Agloves are black gloves knitted throughout with actual silver fibers.  The silver-lined gloves allow the body’s natural bioelectricity to penetrate the glove and activate any capacitive touch screen device with virtually equal precision to the naked hand.

With a snug fit and sleek appearance, Agloves have emerged as an industry leader in touch screen glove liners and everyday gloves.