Running Gloves for Touch Screen Devices


October 10, 2010

For Immediate Release

You can now run, and change your music with gloves on, without having to stop.

Two weeks ago, a Boulder-based company introduced gloves that work flawlessly on touch screen devices. They are called Agloves.

Agloves trump ordinary gloves by offering wearers both warmth and access to their touch screen iPhones, iPad, iPods, Androids and other MP3 devices. The soft, lightweight design gives runners a snug flexible fit.
No more biting off gloves and shoving them into pockets just to change the song or text a friend.

The gloves, knitted with silver and invented by Agloves president Jennifer Spencer, allow folks to operate any touch screen device with near perfect precision and finally give runners the chance to both keep their hands warm and use their iPod, iPhone or MP3 player during runs.

“I just wanted a pair of gloves that would work with my iPhone,” said Spencer, an avid runner.

What’s the secret?

Touch screens, contrary to popular belief are capacitive (not heat sensitive), meaning they use small electrical currents from your hands to operate. Agloves are knit entirely with tiny silver fibers. As the most conductive metal of the periodic table Agloves’ (literal) silver lining allows the hand’s natural conductivity to pass through the glove.

Silver is also a natural thermal regulator, organically distributing the hand’s heat throughout the glove. In other words, heat from your palm will move to your fingertips naturally, keeping frosty fingers warm even in the coldest weather.

Agloves hope to be the gloves that keep people on the move.

A few other glove models claim to work on touch screens too. However, some only allow wearers the ability to use two- or three-fingers on the touch screen while others seemingly fall short in accuracy. Agloves provides wearers all ten-finger functionality (think iPads and typing) and excellent touch screen capability for an affordable price, at only $17.99 per pair.

So next time the temperature drops, don’t forget your iPod, strap-on water bottle and Agloves.