iPhone Gloves Keep You Loving Your iPhone Even When it’s Cold Outside



Nothing kills a good date with your iPhone faster than when your iPhone touch screen is not responding. When it’s cold outside, this is exactly what happens if you try to swipe, type, text, or answer a phone call with gloves on.

The iPhone ushered in an entirely unique cell phone user experience. Using a capacitive touch screen, the iPhone enabled multi-touch technology, which allows you to stretch, swipe, and squeeze images and data in new ways. However, capacitive touchscreens work differently from their earlier resistive touchscreen counterparts, which used pressure to sense the location of touch commands.

Capacitive touch screens do not use pressure, heat, light, or any kind of magic.  They rely on bioelectric signals transferred from your skin to the screen. The touchscreen knows where your finger is by sensing delicate electricity from your skin. If the connection between your skin and the touch screen is broken, the capacitive touch screen will not work.

That’s why conventional winter gloves do not work with your iPhone or other devices that use capacitive touch screens. The gloves break the connection. Agloves, on the other hand (or on both hands), keep you connected. Uniquely designed to transfer the electricity from your entire hand to any part of the glove surface, Agloves touch screen gloves work great.

All 10 fingers are fully equipped to use your iPhone in any way you want. Agloves is one of this year’s must have iPhone accessories that will keep you connected all winter long. Add Agloves to your favorite iPhone gear, and you just might fall in (g)love with your iPhone all over again.

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