About OTD and How to Avoid It


November 23, 2010

A skyrocketing syndrome across an ever colder winter landscape, OTD – Outdoor Touchscreen Dilemma – afflicts tens of millions of smart-phone users each winter. OTD sufferers, many of whom have only recently begun using touch screen devices, complain bitterly of using capacitive touch screen devices—such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and others—outside during cold weather and freezing their fingers. Agloves provide an affordable solution.

Boulder, CO – Along with runny noses and coughs, cold weather brings another serious disorder: OTD, or, the Outdoor Touchscreen Dilemma, it is a syndrome that inflicts smart-phone users each winter. It’s related to the fact that “normal” gloves don’t work to operate touch screen devices: iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc.

If you happen to have a touch screen device – (and it’s likely that you do, according to a recent New York Times article, “the research firm Gartner expects global sales of touch-screen devices to reach 326.7 million in 2010, an increase of 97 percent from last year”) – you already know this.

Fortunately there’s an easy and affordable solution for people suffering from OTD … Agloves.

>>>>>>>>   Note: Agloves is not a medicinal company.

To help smart phone users around the world, the Agloves Team has compiled a 10-step program to avoiding the dreaded OTD:

10-Step Plan to Avoid or Treat OTD:

1.    Remove your normal gloves.

2.    Try using your normal hand.  If that doesn’t work, I’m sorry — your phone is broken.  If it did work, continue to step three.

3.    Research touch screen gloves.  There are several on the market besides Agloves, like: Dots Gloves or Etips.

4.    Confirm which glove suits your needs best.

5.    Purchase the gloves.

6.    Put your brand new pair of (hopefully) Agloves on your hands.

7.    Try texting or typing with these gloves on.

8.    You’ll find they work.

9.    Be rest assured.

10.    Your OTD has been treated.

Here are some things I’ve picked up from other InterWeb users who have come in contact with OTD:

Gigaom says, “Winter has definitely arrived here in the UK, with temperatures dropping over the past week or so, prompting me to break out my winter coat and gloves. I actually quite enjoy the changing seasons, but gloves are awkward because they don’t work with devices with capacitive touchscreens (like my iPhone, and also the trackpad on my MacBook), and constantly removing and replacing gloves when fiddling with my phone quickly becomes annoying.”

Says David Polinchock of the NY Tech Meetup mailinglist, “You can tell that the iPhone was developed by people who live in California! I guess they never thought that people in cold climates would buy it and then they would have to take off their gloves to make it work. Even finding a phone number is that much more difficult with gloves on. Anyone else having this problem? Has anyone seen any solutions?”

Blodic writes, “Winter’s coming, and with it comes OTD, the Outdoor Touchscreen Dilemma—is it worth taking your gloves off to send a text message?”
The answer? Of course not. Bare fingers, even bare fingertips, just aren’t worth it. Agloves have got you covered.