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Glove science.

 First, understanding capacitive touchscreens.

Understanding how iPhones work is key to understanding how our gloves work.Touchscreen devices found on popular devices like iPhones, iPads, HTC, Samsung Galaxies, and in-car navigation systems – are made with capacitive screens. Capacitive touch screens interpret touch by detecting a change in electrical signal or impulse that is naturally generated from your body (bioelectricity) and transmitted by your fingertips. Tiny amounts of moisture, salts and oil allow electrons to flow between you and your device, conducting the energy between you and your device. Ordinary textiles, like gloves and jackets are made with non-conductive materials and thus fail to activate touch screens. In order to make Agloves touchscreen-compatible, we made them conductive.


Silver, "Ag"

Watch Vail TV8's Gadget & Gear Host, Greg Elliott describes Agloves' technology.

A truly powerful metal. The secret to all Agloves products’ design is silver. Silver is the most conductive element on the periodic table of the elements. Each Aglove is knit with real silver threads – no copper nickel or tin alloys – combined with other materials in a patent-pending glove design. Using real silver provides several benefits to Agloves:

  • Greater warmth
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Superior conductivity

…but the most important thing is that real silver threads make it easy for you to use your touchscreen devices: iPhones, smartphones, iPads and tablets. Hooray!

Tips vs. palms. The tips of fingers tend to be dry, and thus less conductive. Palms tend to be moist, and thus have a greater conductivity. Agloves tap into this moist, electrical hub of the palm by putting conductive thread in the palm of the glove as well as the fingertips. In this way, bioelectricity is pulled from the palm and delivered (conducted) to your fingertips. This conductive “oomph” is a major reason Agloves rank #1 for accuracy and precision texting.

Multipoint gestures

Just like your hand. Use Agloves like you do your normal hand. No need for compromised “texting postures” or typing habits. Text, swipe and scroll just like you do with your bare hand. Agloves don’t control you, you control your Agloves. Agloves are the ultimate functioning touchscreen glove.

Ten finger functionality

Anticipating the future. Maybe you’re into tablets and iPads. If so, Agloves’ ten-finger touchscreen functionality is really going to please you. With Agloves, you can type on full-finger keyboards with all ten fingers. Afterall, iPads and tablets are the way of the future. We’ve anticipated the market by not only making our gloves 10-finger touchscreen-friendly, but the whole glove as well. Use your knuckles or palm on your iTable next time. Agloves minimize fingertip smudges on your tablets.

Simple, user-friendly design

The key to a good product. We believe in functional, user-friendly technology. We believe that a good simple design is intuitive for users. But more than just believing in good technology, here at Agloves we are designing it.

Agloves set the standard for next-generation touch gloves. The gloves are not retrofitted with conductive patches or stitching. Instead, Agloves engineered a simple glove design that would maximize conductive potential, making ground- breaking leaps in the world of “smart textiles.” A simple design = a simple solution.

The result is a glove that works brilliantly on all touchscreen devices.

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