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 A smart glove company.

We believe in functional technology. We believe that when a simple design revolutionizes an application, a good product is born.

But more than just believing in good technology, here at Agloves we are designing it.

Our touch gloves’ simple, yet user-friendly design, has earned Agloves several prestigious accolades such as:

  • "Best New Company & Best New Product of 2011" (Stevie Awards, NYC)
  • "Audience Choice Award 2011" (IFA, Berlin, Germany)
  • “Best Winter Gadget” (MSNBC)
  • “Best of CES 2012" (The Daily Buzz)

The story of how touch gloves were born.

Agloves are the leading touch gloves brand, envisioned and created by a Boulder, Colo.-based team in 2010. At the time, the idea was quite simple. Why, if our phones were so advanced, could we not answer them with our normal gloves? And boom, the idea of “smart gloves” was born.

Three weeks after launching its e-commerce store, Agloves were being sold in 43 countries worldwide and became an international hit.

Today, Agloves’ touch glove products are distributed in international markets in both retail and online sales, and the company continues to pioneer touchscreen textiles. Agloves breakthrough technology continually out-performs other touch glove models. We’ve chosen not to retrofit a normal glove with unsightly conductive patches, stitching or tips. Instead, we’ve built the entire Aglove to be touchscreen compatible – pinky to thumb, knuckle to palm.

And not only that, but our gloves are the most accurate touch glove available. Our patented glove formula optimizes precision and accuracy -- for the best multipoint gestures. No other glove matches Agloves’ conductive potential, ten-finger functionality, and precision accuracy. It’s the ultimate texting glove.

Our mission is to continue to innovate and develop design solutions for touchscreen users. We listen to our customers through social media and customer service to develop new products that match both the consumer needs and anticipate developing markets.

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