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How do capacitive touchscreens work?

Capacitive touchscreens (like the ones found in iPhones, Androids and tablets) work when your finger comes in contact with the screen of your device. The body’s natural bioelectricity is transferred through the moisture and salts on your skin completing a circuit with the screen.

For hands to be conductive, moisture and salts
must be present on the surface of the skin.

The palm of the hand is more moist and thus has greater conductivity. Agloves pull bioelectricity from the palm and delivery that energy to your fingertips.

Engineered with full hand conductivity
(maximum surface area)

The problem with most touchscreen gloves is that they pull bioelectricity from the fingertips only. Fingertips tend to be drier and thus less conductive.

Finger-tip only conductivity
(minimal surface area)

Draws from moist parts of hand:

  • • Resulting in superior conductivity
  • • Pinpoint accuracy and precision
  • • All 10 fingers, intuitive gesturing, like your bare hand

Draws from drier parts of hand:

  • • User may press harder to make gloves work
  • • Fat fingers mean more mistakes and slower texting
  • • Compromised gestures

Ideal for texting and data

More suited for phone calls
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